Ippongi: Denshin Ine (Junmai)一本義: 伝心 稲 (純米)

One of the best labels in the sake world, this Junmai has a gentle nose with light hints of steamed rice, cucumber, hay and mint. This "Ine" is a round, clean, smooth and dry trip through the realms of a ricey Junmai. A very gentle sake that drinks easy, but has a peek-a-boo crispness that comes out at certain temperatures and sips. Look for young peach and tangy apple tones on a slick fluid that gets even easier in a larger glass. An overall dry brew but more apple and sweetness emerges from the depths as the sake finds comfort in your pallet.

Featured at Sake Room 2014: #27

  • Origin: Fukui
  • Grade: Junmai
  • Size: 720ml
  • Percentage of Alcohol: 15 - 16
  • Sake Meter Value: +2.5
  • Milling Rate: 65%
  • Rice Variety: Koshi No Shizuku
  • Acidity: 1.4


  • 産地: 福井
  • 类型: 純米
  • 容量: 720ml
  • 酒精: 15 - 16
  • 日本酒度: +2.5
  • 精米陪合: 65%
  • 米: 越之雫
  • 酸度: 1.4

HK$190.00 -