Mooncakes don't have to be paired with tea. While that's certainly the established custom, sakes also go well with these delicious treats!

"Full-Bodied" sweet sakes such as Hikame: Tamahagnae Daiginjo ($560), Munemasa -15 Junmai Ginjo ($230), Munemasa Tokubetsu Junmai ($230) are elegant matches with savoury salty egg yolks, chewy pastry and sweet lotus paste.

If the mooncake has chocolate filling, pair it with a bubbly like Bunraku Sparkling ARROZ Daiginjo (limited quantity) ($665) and Choryo Nigori Sawa Sawa Sparkling Sake ($710 /case). This will truly define the richness of luxurious chocolate and the sweetness of the silky white lotus paste.

If you fancy dried fruit and nutty mooncakes, pair it with Choryo Tsukihi Kasanete Koshu (limited edition) ($995).

Whatever the choice, you will surely enjoy these wonderful sakes during this time of year. So enjoy them while supplies last!