Doppio Zero and are proud to present "Crudo & Sake Tasting Night". We will be serving an exclusive 7-course "Crudo & Sake Tasting Menu". Each course of the seafood-centric tasting menu will be served with parings of premium Japanese sakes presented by 

In Italian, "crudo" means "raw." Crudo is prepared in a manner very similar to the way Sashimi is in Japan, using fresh, top-quality seafood, and natural accompaniments such as citrus juices, sea salt, and pepper. Most importantly, Italian Crudo is delicately finished off with a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Any additional garnishes are specifically chosen according to the final flavour the chef wants to achieve. In the creation of the "Crudo & Sake Tasting Menu", Doppio Zero Head Chef, Jake Addeo, worked in collaboration with to expertly select sakes that bring out the subtle and delicate flavours of each of the menu's dishes. In the same spirit that sake is often enjoyed with sashimi, diners will be able to savour pairings that showcase and enhance the flavours of both Sake and Crudo.

Limited seating is now available for the event. To secure a seat to the dinner, guests may purchase tickets at HK$588 per head. For bookings, guests may refer to "Crudo Night" and call Doppio Zero at +852 28510682 or email the restaurant at

As an added bonus, diners will be able to place sake orders with during the dinner and enjoy a 10% discount. Additionally, diners can also use the code JBDZC14 for a 10% discount off their online purchase of all sakes, valid until December 31, 2014.

For more details regarding the "Crudo & Sake Tasting Menu", please click here.